A Beautiful Place in all Seasons

Welcome to Ajloun Baptist Conference Center

Ajloun Baptist Conference Center (ABCC) is the right place for you. It is located in the mountains of Ajloun, 60 KM north of Amman. ABCC offers comfortable accommodations from deluxe rooms to youth housing.

Guests can enjoy the beautiful view. We provide those who are planning Christian conferences with what they need to make their events a unique and fruitful experience. So why don’t you just give us a call or send us a message and leave the rest to us.

We invite you to visit the Ajloun Baptist Center. We are pleased to have you at any time. Call now, we will be waiting. (Book Now)


About ABCC

In the old days, this site was a place visited by people who needed medical care as it was the original location for the Ajloun Baptist Hospital. Since 1988, the place has been converted into a spiritual retreat center and a place for Jordanian Baptist Church conferences. Year after year, the center has grown and expanded to include new buildings to accommodate the increasing demand by many churches and other Christian groups.


Ajloun Baptist Conference Center is located in the center of the Ajloun Governorate, 60 kilometers north of the Jordanian capital, Amman. Beautiful views of the mountains of Ajloun and Palestine and an atmosphere of tranquility are what makes Ajloun Baptist Center a reflective, distinctive place. It won’t take the visitor much time on site to realize the beauty of the place, which is located on an area of more than 30 thousand square meters.

What kind of conference do you wish to have? We manage the facilities to accommodate both large and small groups of campers. The facilities are available all year round. Bedrooms are provided with split units for air conditioning and heating as needed. Soccer, basketball, and a children’s playground for kids and toddlers is also available.

During the early 50s, the Jordanian government granted Baptist missionaries the approval to start its NGO with educational, scientific, medical, and spiritual goals. The agreement allows Baptists to buy lands, build their own properties, and develop other good initiatives in Jordan. The Baptist Hospital was the first to be registered and was later named the Ajloun Baptist Hospital.

The Center accommodates approximately 240 beds distributed over 3 separate wings with a variety of meeting rooms, a main kitchen, and a number of dining halls to support smaller groups.
All meeting rooms are seasonally air-conditioned or heated as needed and equipped with a sound system, data show projector, and screen. All bedrooms are equipped with air-conditioning and heating as well. (Book Now)